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Wedding Painting

What is wedding painting all about? It's a real-life artist at the wedding, painting the scene as it happens. It's entertainment and an heirloom all in one. It's a unique and special way to capture the magic of the day, like a living memory you can hang on your wall forever. Booked for your date? Never fear! You can still have your wedding painting commissioned in-studio with just as much magic included. Scroll down to find out more, contact me and get pricing! 


Live Wedding Painting

What is it? Art as it unfolds in real-time. Your family and friends will be captivated by Michelle's portrayal of your event, and she's warm and funny to talk to. It's a sophisticated and unobtrusive form of entertainment that doubles as a work of art!   

What you'll say:  I made the right choice. It was a bit of magic amidst the chaos. I kept stealing glances at the painting in process during the hectic day. It was like finding little bits of joy as the day went on. I knew no matter what, this moment will be captured in timeless beauty.

Studio Wedding Painting

What is it? A comissioned painting done after the wedding

planned from a combination of pictures. She's easy to work with, with clear communication, no surprises or hidden fees. Sneak peeks provided for approval along the way, and free personal delivery or free shipping outside of the Saint Louis area!

What you'll say: It had been a few weeks since the wedding day, but seeing my painting for the first time brought a rush of emotions I didn't know I had left in me! I felt a profound sense of gratitude for Michelle's ability to capture the spirit of our wedding in such a beautiful way.

Canvas Painting

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