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1. My ideal date is:
   A. Quality time with one person
   B. Staying in and going to bed by 9
   C. Out on the town all night

2. My ideal vacation is:
   A. Cross-country road trip 
   B. All-inclusive resort vacation
   C. Last-minute destination flights 

3. My style can be described as:
   A. Distinct and creative 
   B. Refined and on trend 
   C. Comfortable and practical

4. My friends will tell you I:
   A. Think time is a construct 
   B. Keep a tight schedule 
   C. Go with the flow

5. My wedding planning approach is:
   A. A three ring binder with tabs and footnotes 
   B.  Involving outside help (friends, vendors)
   C. No worries, everything will work out

6. The movies and media I enjoy are:
   A. Science fiction and fantasy 
   B. Cerebral/niche/art house
   C. Rom-coms/reality shows
   D. Documentaries/inspired by true events

7. I get most excited about:
   A. Seeing friends and family 
   B. Having a giant party
   C. The dedication of us as a couple 

8. My love language is:
   A. Touch/words of affirmation
   B. Gifts
   C. Quality Time/acts of service

9. My favorite pictures of me have always been:
   A. Selfies 
   B. Pictures a professional has taken
   C. None, I really don't enjoy pictures

10. My wedding is:
   A. Less than three months away
   B. Less than a year away
   C. More than a year away

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