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Why are wedding photographers so expensive?

We know it’s a lot. It can be one of the biggest investments if your priorities are remembering your wedding clear as day for the rest of your life. Our prices directly reflect our experience, equipment and expertise. On my end, you benefit from a Bachelor’s Degree from Columbus College of Art and Design and multiple yearly creative courses so your images will always be solid, clear and fresh works of art.  We do it because it’s the one thing worth doing right. 

Do wedding photographers own your photos?

We own the copyrights to your photos, which means we can use them for print, online and social media. You own the printing rights, but are not allowed to release the photos for advertising purposes. Just shoot us a message if a venue, magazine or planner asks for that. On the other hand, you have the right to ask for a privacy clause in our contract for an ‘Ask First’ if you prefer to give permission for release on an image by image basis.

What are wedding photography styles?

There are three popular styles: light and airy, dark and moody, and true to life color. I am true to life color- what you experience that day will be what you remember with the images. Your photographer will always capture and edit in the same style of their portfolio, so research what you like BEFORE you start your search. 

Do wedding photographers edit all photos?

Yes we do! Good wedding photographers will edit all photos delivered to you for exposure and color correction. Some photographers will edit portfolio and Instagram feed images more heavily than gallery-released photos. Before hiring, ask to see a full gallery to get a better idea of what your wedding will look like.

What should I know when booking a wedding photographer?

Good question! First, ask for referrals. Second, haunt the Instagram feed because that should be more current than the website. Third, follow the Reels and the Stories for a while to see if your personalities mesh. The reason I haven’t mentioned Reviews is that weddings can be an emotionally charged situation and even the best photographer and sweetest bride may book and they will be a bad match- so have a ‘one forgiveness’ review rule when you go through reviews. 

How do I tell if a wedding photographer is good?

A good wedding photographer can show up as promised, deliver galleries on time, be kind and respectful, and stay on wedding day schedule. A great wedding photographer can pose any body type, dress professionally, wrangle a rowdy bridal party, calm a nervous bride, pivot locations during inclement weather, and deliver images worthy of a magazine feature.

I am both of those!

Do wedding photographers eat at the reception?

We most certainly do! We are starving! I can’t tell you how deeply a hot meal is appreciated. It’s like getting a Power Up Star in Super Mario Brothers. 

Do wedding photographers stay for the whole reception?

Not usually. The sweet spot is three hours- toasts, cake, first and family dances and then party dancing. More than three weights the coverage so you’ll have more dancing than getting ready or ceremony photos. Two and we leave right after the family dances and we don’t get you and your friends letting loose which is the most fun part of the day!

What are some wedding photography do's and don'ts?

DON’T give us a shot list you found online. We already know those by heart.

DO give us a shot list of things unique to your wedding (First Dance is choreographed etc.)

DON’T get ready in a basement or dark room. Make sure you have at least one large window for us to use for you!

DO have your bridal party and parents fully dressed before you are. Lindsey helping you with your gown/tie while she is in a bathrobe and curlers just doesn’t have the same beauty.

DON’T give us any surprises! Overcommunicate prior to the wedding. We love to know if you have special exits planned, if you want a fifty-person group picture, if the ceremony is in a wine cellar lit only by one candle. It helps us do our best work for you!

DO make space for self-care in the morning before you get ready! The more relaxed you are, the more naturally you will smile, and the easier the day will flow around you.

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